EuroMillions Extra Games

On EuroMillions draw nights, many players across Europe have the option of playing extra games that accompany the main draw, adding even more excitement to their lottery experience and even more chances to win cash prizes. The extra game depends on where you buy the EuroMillions tickets.

For example, UK players can enter the Millionaire Raffle, while players in France have the Joker+ to look forward to. Some of these extra games are included in the cost of the EuroMillions entry, while others involve an additional ticket cost to enter.

Millionaire Raffle

Countries: UK only

In the UK, EuroMillions players receive one free entry into the Millionaire Raffle for every line of numbers that they buy for the main draw. See the main UK Millionaire Raffle page for full details about the extra game.

EuroMillions Plus

Countries: Ireland only

Since June 2007, Irish players have had the chance to play in the EuroMillions Plus draw. The Plus draw is an extra game that takes place alongside the main EuroMillions draw and costs an additional €1 to enter. It offers players the chance of winning €20 for matching 3 balls, €2,000 (£1,720) for matching 4 balls and €500,000 (£430,000) for matching all five balls. To play EuroMillions Plus, you simply have to check the Plus box on your ticket and pay the extra Euro.

The five main lottery numbers (not including Lucky Stars) that you enter into the main EuroMillions draw are also used as your EuroMillions Plus numbers. A second draw then takes place in Dublin to determine the five winning numbers, announced shortly after the main draw has taken place. The odds of winning the EuroMillions Plus jackpot stand at a little over 2,100,000 to 1, while the odds of winning the ‘match 3’ €20 (£17.20) prize are just 56.66 to 1.


Countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria

Joker+ (Joker in Luxembourg) is an extra EuroMillions lottery draw game and does vary slightly depending on which country you’re in.

Joker+ has some rather interesting features. In all countries players pick six numbers but the lucky Belgians also have the option of selecting an astrological sign which is also drawn. In France, once the draw has taken place, in order to boost the chances of winning, players are able to add one or minus one to any of their numbers in order to create or increase a win.

Confusingly, although the games have the same name in each country, the numbers are actually drawn separately giving each country its own individual set of results.

Players pay an extra €1, €1.50 or €2 (depending on their location) on top of their EuroMillions ticket price or as a standalone ticket on days when the EuroMillions isn’t drawn. Joker+ prize amounts can vary too, but the highest tends to be around the €500,000 mark.


Countries: Switzerland

Like the UK National Lottery, the Swiss Lottery has set up its own additional game for EuroMillions players. This is called Super-Star and can be played by players buying tickets from SwissLos by checking the box at the bottom of a standard EuroMillions ticket.

There are nine different prize levels ranging from CHF 4 (€3.23) up to CHF 250,000 (€202,000) – the latter being won when you match the full combination of all five characters. The lower prizes are won by matching the first or last character and payouts increase from there.