When are EuroMillions draws made?

EuroMillions draws take place twice a week in Paris every Tuesday and Friday night at approximately 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT).

What countries sell EuroMillions tickets?

EuroMillions tickets are sold by the 13 member countries of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France (including overseas territories), Ireland, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. However, it is also possible to buy online lottery tickets for EuroMillions and most of the world’s other leading lottery draws via lottery ticket agents.

Do I have to live in one of those countries to buy a EuroMillions ticket?

To buy tickets directly from the lotteries that operate EuroMillions, you must reside in country where the lottery is based. For example, to buy EuroMillions tickets from the UK’s national lottery operator, Camelot, you must reside in the UK. For players living outside of EuroMillions-selling nations, you can use online ticket agents to buy EuroMillions tickets.

Can I buy EuroMillions tickets online?

Yes, tickets can be bought from most of the official national lotteries listed below as well as from ticket agents. Tickets agents purchase tickets on your behalf from licensed ticket retailers – to find out more about this head to our guide to buying lottery tickets online.

Who runs the EuroMillions lottery?

EuroMillions isn’t operated by just one organisation. The draw is operated and managed by each of the participating national lotteries, as a joint cooperative. See the list below for all EuroMillions operators:

  • Loterías y Apuestas del Estado – Spain and Andorra
  • Österreichische Lotterien – Austria and Liechtenstein
  • Camelot Group Plc – UK and Isle of Man
  • Française des Jeux – France (and overseas territories) and Monaco
  • Loterie Nationale – Belgium
  • An Post National Lottery Company – Ireland
  • Departamento de Jogos – Portugal
  • Loterie Romande – Switzerland
  • Loterie Nationale Luxembourg – Luxembourg

What are the EuroMillions Stars?

EuroMillions Stars are the two numbers drawn from the second draw machine. These numbers range from 1 to 11 and either one or both of them need to match the stars on your ticket in order for you to win 9 of the 13 prize tiers, including the jackpot.

Do I have to match numbers in the exact order they are drawn?

There is no requirement to match the numbers as they’re drawn. You must simply have the drawn number on your ticket for it to count toward any possible prizes, no matter whether it was drawn first or last.

How can I claim my EuroMillions prize?

If you buy EuroMillions tickets in one of the 13 participating countries, you either cash your winnings at a retailer or, if your prize is above a certain value, you have to contact the lottery operator who sold your ticket to you. If you buy online lottery tickets, you will receive payment directly from the ticket agent who bought your tickets for you.

How long do I have to claim a EuroMillions prize?

The expiry date of EuroMillions prizes varies depending on which country the winning ticket was bought in. The claim period for each of the major EuroMillions nations are the following:

  • UK and Isle of Man – 180 days from draw date
  • Switzerland – 6 months from draw date
  • Belgium – 140 days from draw date
  • Ireland – 90 days from draw date
  • Portugal – 90 days from draw date
  • Spain and Andorra – 3 months from draw date
  • France and Monaco – 60 days from draw date
  • Luxembourg – 60 days from draw date
  • Austria and Lichtenstein – 28 days from draw date

How much have I won?

It is impossible to say how much each prize will be until ticket sales have closed and the draw has taken place. This is because each prize tier, including the jackpot, is calculated on a pari-mutuel basis. In simple terms, this means that the more ticket sales there are and the fewer winners of a prize tier there are, the larger the prize for that tier will be. Likewise, low ticket sales and big numbers of winners in a certain prize tier will reduce the prizes for that tier.

How much tax do I have to pay on EuroMillions winnings?

Whether you pay tax on EuroMillions prizes or not depends completely on which lottery jurisdiction you bought it from. In all but three of the EuroMillions-selling nations, prizes are tax free. However, since January 2013 in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland prizes over a certain amount are taxable.

  • Spain – 20% of all prizes €2,500 (£2,150) or greater
  • Portugal – 20% of all prizes €5,000 (£4,300) or greater
  • Switzerland – Approx 35% of all prizes won

Can prizes be shared?

Yes, all EuroMillions prizes can be shared. This is because all EuroMillions prizes, including the jackpots, are paid out on a pari-mutuel basis. Simply put, this means that the amount that each prize tier is worth is directly proportionate to the number of tickets sales for a draw and the number of winners per prize tier. For example, if you’re the only jackpot winner of a €10,000,000 (£8,600,000) draw, you will take home the entire advertised jackpot, but if three players match all five main balls and the lucky stars, each player would win €3,333,333 (£2,850,000).

What’s the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot?

There have been a number of big EuroMillions jackpots over the years and deciding which is the biggest can be a little confusing due to currency exchange rates. The biggest jackpot when calculated in Euros is €190,000,000 (£148,656,000), which was won in August 2012. However, the biggest prize won in British pounds was for £161,653,000 (€185,000,000).

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are 116,531,800 to 1. You can see the odds for every prize level on our How to Play page.

What is the difference between UK and European EuroMillions?

The main difference between playing EuroMillions in the UK and playing EuroMillions in the rest of Europe is the currency. In the UK, EuroMillions costs and prizes are in British pounds, as opposed to Euros, which are used by the rest of Europe.

What are the Millionaire Raffle and EuroMillions Plus games?

Some of the national lottery operators of EuroMillions offer extra games for players from their country, such as Millionaire Raffle in the UK and EuroMillions Plus in Ireland. The cost of entering some of these games, like Millionaire Raffle, is included in the prize of your regular EuroMillions entry. However, other EuroMillions extra games come with additional entry fees. Check with your provider before buying your tickets.

I received an e-mail/text/call/letter saying that I’d won a lottery prize, is it legitimate?

Unless you have bought lottery tickets from the sender of the e-mail or letter, the answer is NO! Genuine lottery operators and ticket agents will only contact you after you have first been in contact with them. If you receive unsolicited calls, letters and e-mails telling you that you’ve won a lottery prizes for draws you’ve never entered, the chances are that it’s a lottery scam. See our Lottery Scams page for more details.

What happens if no one wins the jackpot?

If a EuroMillions jackpot is not won, the prize fund allocated to the jackpot will ‘rollover’ to the following draw. The jackpot will continue rolling over until it is either won or it hits the €190,000,000 (£163,000,000) EuroMillions jackpot cap.

Are there any other rollover rules? (maximum number of times it can rollover).

If not won, the jackpot will remain at €190,000,000 (£163,000,000) for up to two draws, with any money that exceeds the cap being evenly distributed between the second prize winners. After two draws without a jackpot winner, the entire jackpot is shared between the second prize winners and the jackpot returns to the €15,000,000 (£13,000,000) starting value.

How do I know that EuroMillions draws are conducted fairly?

The EuroMillions draw takes place using scrutinised draw machines and sets of balls that are selected randomly ahead of each draw. The draws are then conducted in front of independent adjudicators. EuroMillions tickets are sold by a number of reputable, leading national lottery draws across Europe. In the UK, an act of parliament governs the rules and operating procedures for EuroMillions and equally stringent regulations are in place across the rest of Europe.

Are there any differences between the Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draws?

Besides the fact that one draw takes place in the middle of the week and one takes place at the end of it, there are few differences between the Tuesday night and Friday night EuroMillions draws. The only real difference is the amount of tickets sold for each draw, with more players buying tickets for Friday night draws.

Can I watch EuroMillions draws anywhere?

Each EuroMillions-selling nation has its own broadcasting arrangement. In the UK, the results are announced on BBC One at around 10:35pm (GMT) but the draws can also be watched on the National Lottery website. In Ireland, the draws are broadcast on RTÉ Two at approx 11:20pm (GMT) on Tuesday nights and at approx 11:40pm (GMT) on a Friday night.

How long before a draw are EuroMillions ticket sales closed?

EuroMillions tickets are available to buy in store or online until 7:30pm (GMT) on a Tuesday and Friday night. Ticket sales reopen for the next draw at 9:00pm (GMT).

Where can I check EuroMillions results?

You can see how you did in a EuroMillions draw by visiting our results page. The results are also displayed on the websites of EuroMillions operators such as www.national-lottery.co.uk or www.fdj.fr, for example.

If I win a EuroMillions jackpot can I remain anonymous?

All EuroMillions prize winners have the option to officially remain anonymous when claiming their prize. However, this simply means that your details aren’t announced. This does not stop dogged journalists from finding you.