Millionaire Raffle

The UK Millionaire Raffle is a supplementary draw offered to EuroMillions players in the UK, giving players an extra chance to win £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) in addition to the usual EuroMillions prizes.

When you buy EuroMillions tickets in the UK you will receive your line of lottery numbers (5+2) plus your Millionaire Raffle number (3 letters + 6 numbers eg.BCD123456) printed on the ticket of each single EuroMillions entry. As the name suggests, Millionaire Raffle is a prize draw that selects one winning number from all entries to determine a winner. This means that (in theory) the draw is guaranteed to make a UK millionaire each and every draw. However, if no winner comes forward to claim their prize, no millionaire will be made. There is no additional cost to playing Millionaire Raffle as entry cost is included in the regular EuroMillions ticket price for UK players.

The UK Millionaire Raffle was introduced to the EuroMillions draw in November 2009, when the cost of buying EuroMillions tickets in the UK rose from £1.50 to £2.00, with a portion of the increase being used to pay for the £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prize. Originally, the UK Millionaire Raffle took place just once a week. but when a Tuesday night EuroMillions draw was introduced in 2011, the number of guaranteed UK millionaires per week was also doubled.

Every now and again, the UK National Lottery, which operates EuroMillions in the UK, hosts special Millionaire Raffles. The first of these special events was on Christmas Eve, 2010, when there were 25x £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prizes given away in a single night, and there have been many more special draws since. The list below details all special UK Millionaire Raffle draws to date.

  • 24th December 2010: 25x £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prizes awarded during the Christmas Eve special draw
  • 7th June 2011: 15x £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prizes given away for the special Tuesday night draw
  • 25th November – 23rd December 2011: 50x millionaires created in a month-long Millionaire Raffle special event
  • 27th July 2012: 100x £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prizes given away to celebrate the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • 25th July 2012: 25x millionaires made in a Christmas Day special event
  • 1st January 2013: 25x millionaires made in a New Year’s Day special event
  • 31st May 2013: One winner scooped £12,000,000 (€14,000,000) – £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) per month for a year
  • 26th July 2013: 100x £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prizes awarded in the special Millionaire Raffle

Because the chances of winning the UK Millionaire Raffle are directly proportionate to the number of tickets sold, it is impossible to say what the actual odds of winning are. However, using historical UK EuroMillions draw details, the odds of winning the raffle on an average Tuesday weigh in at around 3,500,000 to 1, while the odds increase to around 9,200,000 to 1 for an average Friday night draw. This would indicate that you have a better chance of winning the UK Millionaire Raffle when playing in smaller, less popular draws. Therefore, Tuesday nights are the nights to play UK Millionaire Raffle, even if the EuroMillions jackpot isn’t that big.

As with any prizes won by UK players in the main EuroMillions draw, you have 180 days in which to claim your £1,000,000 (€1,160,000) prize, should you be fortunate enough to win. If you fail to claim your prize within this time frame, the money will be donated to the Good Causes fund and you will have lost your chance of riches, so make sure that you check your tickets carefully each and every draw.