Draw Analysis Friday 16th November: Triple Rollover Jackpot

Draw analysis

There was a triple rollover jackpot up for grabs on Friday night as the EuroMillions top prize hit €50,000,000! It’s a huge sum and with the results now in it’s time to see if we have a winner!

The EuroMillions results for the Friday 16th November draw are 9, 10, 13, 28, and 41; the Lucky Stars 1 and 12 were also drawn, and news from the draw indicates that we have a jackpot winner!

Taking a closer look at those winning numbers and we see 9 was the lowest ball drawn, that hasn’t been out for a few weeks last drawn back in early October. Number 10 follows and it’s the second consecutive draw we’ve seen that as a main ball. Then we have number 13 and that too is out for the second draw in a row. Number 28 follows and that was last drawn about a month ago. Finishing the winning set is the final main ball, number 41 and that’s a long overdue ball, having not been drawn as a main ball since back in mid-July.

Joining those main balls are the Lucky Stars 1 and 12. That’s a hot pairing, drawn together four times in the last six months. They were last out together back in late October but didn’t make up a winning set in that draw, however they did prove lucky for players on Friday night.

A single ticketholder matched all the winning numbers in Friday’s draw and that ticket was sold in Belgium. The lucky winner collects the jackpot amount of €50,340,148!

Other notable winners are five players who matched the second prize to each collect €223,600.

Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot will be back to a base €17,000,000!