Draw Analysis Friday 1st February: Mega Jackpot Draw

Draw analysis

Friday’s EuroMillions was a Mega Jackpot draw with a guaranteed top prize worth €120,000,000! The top prize was already rolling but boosted by the Mega Jackpot, things are very exciting indeed!

If you were holding tickets then you’ll be waiting for those results and the winning numbers are 3, 21, 26, 41, and 46; the Lucky Stars 1 and 6 were also drawn. News is that despite the Mega Jackpot no one has matched the top prize and so it’s a rollover!

Now for a closer look at those numbers, it was a widely spaced bunch, encompassing the entire ball pool, but what’s hot and what’s not? Number 3 was the lowest ball drawn and we last saw that out back in early January. Then we have number 21 and we haven’t seen that for a while, not drawn since back in early December last year. Number 26 is next and it’s the second consecutive draw we’ve seen that out as a main ball. Then we have number 41 and we last saw that just a couple of weeks ago. The final ball of the evening was number 46 and that too was out just a couple of weeks ago.

Joining those main balls were the Lucky Stars 1 and 6 and it’s less than a month since we last saw this pair drawn together. The pair did not prove lucky back then and they were not lucky for Friday players either as no one matched the top prize.

The biggest winners are four players who matched the second prize and they each collect a very generous €508,164!

The next EuroMillions draw is on Tuesday evening and boasts a €130,000,000 jackpot!