Draw Analysis Friday 22nd February: New Jackpot

Draw analysis

After a huge jackpot win on Tuesday the EuroMillions was back to its starting figure of €17,000,000. Not quite as big as Tuesday but still a life changing amount of money. The results for Friday 22nd February are now in and if you have a ticket you'll be keen to see those numbers.

The winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw 22nd February are 3, 27, 29, 33, and 50; the Lucky Stars 3 and 7 were also drawn. Early news indicates that unfortunately, there is no EuroMillions jackpot winner

Now for a closer look at those numbers. The lowest ball out the pack was number 3, last seen at the beginning on the month. Following this we jumper to 27, out just two weeks prior on 15th February as the jackpot kept rolling. Another ball in the twenties and it's 29, the first time we've seen it this month. 33 is the fourth number and it's been a long while since that's shown its face, totaling eleven draws without being seen. 50 was next, making it the most popular draw ball, it's also interestingly part of the 4th most common EuroMillions pair with number 3.

Joining those main balls are the Lucky Stars 3 and 7. 3 is now the 1st most common bonus ball after being drawn for the 245th time and 7 has been part of 66 jackpot wins

No one took home the top prize, but three winner matched the second prize, each collecting €366,124.

The next EuroMillions draw is on Tuesday evening, cross your fingers and lets hope luck is on your side.