Draw Analysis Friday 6th April: Giant Jackpot

Draw analysis

The Friday EuroMillions boasted a giant jackpot after a string of rollovers pushed the top prize up to €76,000,000. It was a monster jackpot and ticket sales were high. The results are now in and it’s time to check the winning numbers.

The EuroMillions results for the 6th April rollover draw are 1, 29, 33, 45, and 47; the Lucky Stars 4 and 8 were also drawn. Initial news from the draw is that we have a jackpot winner!

Looking at those numbers and the winning set started with number 1, bottom of the pack. We’ve seen number 1 drawn several times in the Lucky Star pool but this is the first time it’s been out as a main ball since back in November! Number 29 is next in the winning set, last drawn a month ago, and just the third time it’s been drawn this year. Next in the winning set we have number 33, drawn just once previously this year back in early March. Number 45 follows, last drawn back in the first draw of March, it’s more than a month since we’ve seen this ball. The final ball of the winning set is number 47 and we saw that just last Friday!

Joining those main balls are the Lucky Stars 4 and 8 and this pair is a pretty hot duo, out together in January and back in December. Despite appearing together three times in recent months they have not been lucky for players and haven’t been part of a jackpot winning set.

However, all that changed on Friday as one player matched all seven winning balls to win a staggering €76,119,641. The winning ticket was sold in Switzerland. Other notable winners are two players who matched the second prize, each collecting €614,191.

The Tuesday EuroMillions will be back to a €17,000,000 base jackpot.