Draw Analysis Tuesday 20th November: Brand New Jackpot

Draw analysis

On Tuesday night there was a brand new EuroMillions jackpot after the winner last weekend and that meant a top prize of €17,000,000. We have the results in for that draw now so it’s time to see if we have a winner.

The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 20th November are 6, 19, 39, 45, and 48; the Lucky Stars 7 and 12 were also drawn. Early news indicates that no one has won the top prize and so it’s another rollover.

Now to take a closer look at those numbers and they were a fairly widely spaced, unremarkable collection. Number 6 was the lowest ball drawn and we haven’t seen that drawn since back in late September. Next up in the winning set is number 19 and that’s a long overdue ball, not seen out since last June! Number 39 is next and that too hasn’t been out in a while, last drawn back in July. Then we have number 45, that was out twice in early October but we haven’t seen it since. The final main ball of the evening, number 48, last drawn a month ago.

Joining those main balls are the Lucky Stars 7 and 12, we haven’t seen that pair drawn together for many months, but 12 has been a hot Lucky Star this November.

News is that those numbers were not so lucky for players and no one has matched the top prize. The biggest winners are two players who matched the second prize and they each collect €353,796!

Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is heading for €25,000,000!