Draw Analysis Tuesday 2nd October: Big Winner

Draw analysis

The EuroMillions jackpot hasn’t been won since the event draw, putting the Tuesday night top prize at a staggering €162,403,002. It’s a huge jackpot and ticket sales have been high running up to the draw and now we have the results and all the news.

The EuroMillions results for the 2nd October EuroMillions draw are 7, 17, 29, 37, and 45; the Lucky Stars 3 and 11 were also drawn. News is that a single ticket holder has scooped the entire jackpot!

And now for those numbers. Number 7 was the lowest ball drawn of the main balls and it’s just over a week since we last saw it. Number 17 follows and we haven’t seen that for a while, last drawn back in late July. Then we have number 29 and we haven’t seen that out for several weeks either as it was last drawn back at the start of August. Next is number 37 and it’s the second time this month we’ve seen that as a main ball, out just three draws ago. The final main ball of the winning set is number 45 and that’s been a hot ball this month, it’s the third time we’ve seen it in the main balls.

Joining those main balls are the Lucky Stars 3 and 11 and while both balls have been drawn recently, it’s many months since they were last drawn together. However, news from the draw is that we have a winner of this massive jackpot. A single ticket sold in Switzerland matched all the winning numbers and so the event draw rollover has been won and the Mega Jackpot is no more.

The jackpot winner collects the entire jackpot, €162,403,002, while another seventeen players each collect €90,588 for matching the second prize.

The next EuroMillions draw is on Friday night and that top prize will be back to €17,000,000