EuroMillions winner announced as Neil Trotter

EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter

When you think of the name Trotter, the first thing you may think of is Only Fools and Horses, but Neil Trotter was no fool when he predicted he was going to win the EuroMillions on Friday night before going on to match all seven winning numbers!

He's an avid Only Fools and Horses fan but with £107,932,603 now firmly in his bank account there'll be no Robin Reliant here, and he can even get rid of his old Ford Focus as he sets his sights on the things that only EuroMillions riches can buy!

We hear of premonitions a lot, but Mr Trotter has stated that when he bought his £10 worth of tickets he had 'a really good feeling' about the draw and even told his colleagues in work on Friday afternoon that he had a winning feeling. Whether he actually did predict his win, or whether hindsight is just a wonderful thing is debatable, but his winning feeling certainly paid off on this occasion.

Today Mr Trotter from Coulsdon, Surrey met with UK EuroMillions operators, Camelot and the press to announce his win and collect his cheque. His girlfriend of eight years was with him and no doubt they'll now be making big plans for the future. The self-employed mechanic thought about going back to work but decided 'it would be rude not to retire', and while he doesn't feel great about letting his customers down, he feels that this is his time and will be spending his time following his passion, the British Touring Car Championships.

It's a wonderful story and we hope that the couple enjoy the win and enjoy the spending that will come along with it. The win makes Neil Trotter the fourth biggest UK EuroMillions winner of all time, but now the couple will also have to face the pressures that come with such a win, and the attention that comes with going public.

Closing the press conference, Mr Trotter said that Delboy always said the Trotters would be millionaires one day, and now they are!