EuroMillions boasts some of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots, with dozens of €100,000,000 (£86,000,000) + jackpots having been won since the draw’s launch in 2004.

You can expect to win anything from a couple of Euros for matching just two main lottery balls all the way up to €190,000,000 (£163,000,000) if you are lucky enough to win a top prize that has reached the jackpot cap. From time to time, EuroMillions also hosts SuperDraws, which are special draws that feature boosted guaranteed jackpots, often €100,000,000 (£86,000,000) or more.

Average Prizes

EuroMillions is well known for giving away big jackpots, but the smaller prizes are also very appealing. The table below displays the average prize for each winning combination in the EuroMillions lottery based on historical results.

Numbers Matched Average Prize (€) Average Prize (£)
5 + 2 Lucky Stars €17,000,000 starting jackpot £14,630,000 starting jackpot
5 + 1 Lucky Star €265,445.64 £227,848.80
5 €27,477.87 £23,586
4 + 2 Lucky Stars €2,688.02 £2,307.30
4 + 1 Lucky Star €143.30 £123
4 €90.87 £78
3 + 2 Lucky Stars €50.44 £43.30
2 + 2 Lucky Stars €16.54 £14.20
3 + 1 Lucky Star €12.47 £10.70
3 €10.49 £9
1 + 2 Lucky Stars €8.85 £7.60
2 + 1 Lucky Star €6.99 £6
2 €3.84 £3.30

Record Jackpots

EuroMillions has had some whopping great jackpots in its time, with prizes of up to €190,000,000 (£163,000,000) being won during the draw’s history. There have been a few EuroMillions jackpot winners who have scooped more than €180,000,000 (£154,960,000), but deciding which prize is the biggest depends on whether you calculate in pounds or Euros and what the exchange rate was at the time. In British pounds, the biggest EuroMillions jackpot stands at £161,653,000, €187,771,194 in Euros. However, the biggest jackpot in Euros stands at €190,000,000, which converted to just £148,656,000 at the time.

Due to the current rules regarding rollover jackpots, it is impossible for the EuroMillions jackpot to exceed €190,000,000 (£163,000,000) as there is a cap in place. If the jackpot reaches the cap without being won, the prize fund is shared equally between the winners of the next prize tier, which in all likelihood would be the ‘five plus one’ winners. However, if for some strange reason the jackpot hit the cap and there were no jackpot winners and no second prize winners, then the top prize pool, along with both the second and third prize pools, would be shared between the third prize winners, creating some mammoth wins.

Winners’ Stories

Possibly the most famous EuroMillions jackpot winners are Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Scotland. The lucky couple won a massive €185,000,000 (£159,267,000) rollover jackpot in July 2011 and since then they have certainly been making use of their windfall. Along with endless home improvements, holidays and other luxury purchases, the Weirs have setup a charitable trust and also pledged money to support the Scottish National Party.

Lottery syndicates are hugely popular among EuroMillions Players, the most successful of which was a 15-strong syndicate from Bouches-du-Rhône in France. These lucky players shared the €100,000,000 (£86,000,000) SuperDraw jackpot in September 2009, taking home over €6,000,000 (£5,160,000) each.

In September 2008, the €130,000,000 (£111,917,000) SuperDraw jackpot was not won and, due to the rules at the time, the top prize pool was distributed between the second prize winners. This meant that 15 ticket holders shared the jackpot, each taking home €15,000,000 (£129,135,000)…for coming second!