EuroMillions Tools

Our selection of cutting edge EuroMillions tools have been designed to provide you with useful up-to-date lottery statistics that help you to choose, analyse and investigate the lottery from a simple to understand statistical perspective. We use the very latest database tools to provide you with this free service while most other sites charge!

Number Generator

Stuck for ideas? Let our EuroMillions Number Generator pick numbers and Lucky Stars for you.

Number Checker

Don't become an unclaimed prize statistic! Our Number Checker shows if you're a winner.

Numbers Most Drawn

This is an all-knowing almanac of the luckiest EuroMillions numbers and Lucky Stars ever drawn.

Numbers Last Seen

Find out when any number or Lucky Star was last drawn with this simple but effective lottery tool.

Number Buddies

Pick a number to find out which other numbers or Lucky Stars have been drawn alongside it.

Number Analysis

The Number Analysis tool offers comprehensive statistical analysis of every EuroMillions number.

Most Common Pairs

Find which pairs of EuroMillions numbers and Lucky Stars are drawn most often together.

Most Common Triplets

Discover the most commonly drawn trios of numbers over the entire lifetime of the lottery.

Skip and Hit Predictions

Easy to understand tool which uses past results to identify when a number could be due or overdue.

Lucky Star Analysis

Detailed research and analysis into every aspect of all 11 EuroMillions Lucky Star numbers.